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As a health care manager, why is it important that you

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As a health care manager, why is it important that you understand the relationship among the determinants of health?
When you use the phrase "among the determinants of health" -- what exactly do you mean? Are you referring to risk factors for disease, or things that determined outcomes of treatment (access to care etc.)

This will help us give you a better answer to your question
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Family Physician's Post: This question is for a Public Health class, so I am assuming that it refers to what causes or influences health.
I guess my comments could be summarized by saying - if you don't understand the PROBLEM - how can you fix it.

If you have an understanding the things that increase the risk/incidence of disease - poor nutrition (both under nutrition and obesity), lack of access, poverty, lack of insurance, racial disparity in treatment recommendations, drug/alcohol/tobacco abuse - HOW are you going to treat the problem instead of the symptoms. It is a bit like turning on the air conditioner when the kitchen starts getting too hot instead of putting out the fire on the stove. The key to reducing costs is to address the key causes.

Take the example of hypertension. Diet and obesity are so important in contributing to the incidence of the condition. Why do some people eat high sodium, hat fat diets that contribute to the problem - there are cultural/ethnic issues, poverty (some of these foods are cheaper compared to healthy diet), lack of education, lack of access to fresh foods (vegetables,fruit) in some poor neighborhoods are also involved.

Community gardens, food pantries, education for both students and parents in school nutrition programs, public service announcements can all contribute to changes in diet.

Why do some people not take their blood pressure medications - Side effects, cost of medicine, difficulty getting to a pharmacy to get the medications, memory problems, lack of understanding of the importance of the medicine to prevent other major health problems such as stroke, medication regimen that is difficult to remember (more than once daily medication)

An understanding of these basic influences and a dedication to help resolve these issues for an individual patient AND/OR a large popluation are very important for managers.

I hope this gives you something to work with
Good luck
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