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My right foot and ankle are swollen only - There is no pain,

Resolved Question:

My right foot and ankle are swollen only -
There is no pain, but I can feel the water as I move my foot.
It has been incredibly hot here and prior to that my foot was
fine. Could the heat cause this to happen only on one foot?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Health
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
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Expert:  Pam replied 11 years ago.
Hello and Welcome,

To answer your question, yes the heat can have something to do with it. Edema is the swelling or puffiness of parts of the body. It is caused by water getting trapped in the tissues.

Edema usually happens in the feet, ankles, and legs. Many things can cause edema. Sitting in one place too long can cause edema in the legs. Sometimes gravity will pull water down into your feet and legs. Eating salt can only worsen the problem.

Congestive Heart Failure is a chronic condition in which the heart muscle weakens and is unable to pump blood efficiently throughout the body. This is one of many things that can also cause swelling.

Try this for me: using one of your fingers, push gently over the swollen area for about 15 seconds and then release. If there is an indentation and whiteness on the skin, this is called pitting edema.

Edema cannot be cured. The only way to treat edema is to treat the underlying condition. You can try some of these things to see if they will bring the swelling down.

1) Put a pillow under your legs when you are lying down

2) You can wear support hose that you can get at your local drugstore, which will keep the fluid from collecting in your feet or ankles. You may want to ask the pharmacist the right size for you.

3) Cut way down on your salt intake.

4) Do not sit or stand too long without moving.

5) If you are sitting, if at all possible prop your legs up and try to get up every now and then and move around.

6) Try not to put on tight shoes or tight socks. These will decrease the blood flow to your feet and ankles. The support stockings are different in that they cover the whole leg and do not restrict any part of it.

Your doctor may want to give you a mild diuretic or "water pill" if you can not keep the swelling down. If you start noticing edema around the abdomen area you should see your doctor, or if none of the above are helping.

I hope I have answered your question. If you would like to ask me any other questions pertaining to this, please don't hesitate to ask. If you feel like I have helped you by answering this question, could you click the ACCEPT button and also fill out a very short feedback to tell me how I am doing.

Pam Russell Rn
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