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Category: Health
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I think i nicked my vagina while shaving. about a day later

Customer Question

i think i nicked my vagina while shaving. about a day later it started to burn and i thought i may have had razor burn so i looked and it seemed to be a bunch of little i just put some vasoline on it and that didnt help.neither did neosporane. i would assume that it should b healed up by now but it hasnt and there is a constant burn. is this just going to take time? this is a very embarassing situation.
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  AYURVEDICDOC replied 11 years ago.


It is quite Posible that infection has occured near your genitalia. My advice is to Use an antiseptic lotion like dettol and consult your health care provider. As nothing surely can be said unless viewing.

Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to AYURVEDICDOC's Post: i doesnt look at all like it is infected. just little red cuts.i am wondering if the new hair growing is irritating it.and is there anything i can purchase over the counter
Expert:  AYURVEDICDOC replied 11 years ago.

These red linear marks are formed after shaving. It is a good sign that hairs are growing . In my opinion usiing creams is considerd as a better option Regarding hair removal of genitalia.

I advice you to maintain hygeine and also take antiseptic lotion . Take Povidone lotion And after washing genitalia apply it .keep cotton piece over it .and tape ot. In my opinion this has to be done twice . Maintain proper hygeine.

Expert:  AYURVEDICDOC replied 11 years ago.

Plz let me know if U Need more information


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