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Cheryl K.
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I recently engaged in some very vigorous sexual activity, ...

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I recently engaged in some very vigorous sexual activity, with a large amount of penetrative intercourse. The only thing that we used other than natural lubrication was some massage oil that we had on hand. I noticed I was pretty sore that night and thought it might have been from too much in too short a time and maybe not enough lubrication. The next day I started feeling like I had a yeast infection: Thick white discharge, itchiness, extreme burning and soreness in my vaginal canal and on the labia. I purchased an OTC yeast infection treatment and used it last night. Today, it is not any better as far as discomfort (although the white covering to the entrance of my vaginal canal is gone) and my outer labial lips (particularly the right side) are VERY swollen. I also am about to start my period. I should also say that this is a different sex partner than I typically have and this is the 2nd occurence with this same sex partner of this (minus the swollen labia) Our last sexual encounter was similiar...7 times of intercourse in one night and within 24 hours I had the symptoms of a yeast infection. My usual sex partner is uncircumsized, we do not use protection, and I believe that he has a yeast infection that he got from me the previous time. I don't know if the vigorous activity is causing too much friction and creating an imbalance or what the problems is. The partner with whom I've had the two episodes previously, I have had intercourse with without a reaction like this. So I am discounting an allergic reaction. I don't know if I need to go to the doctor or continue to try to treat this myself. Can too much sex lead to this situation? I am in serious discomfort...Please give me some advice. Thank you.
I would recommend some Vagisil wipes as this can help greatly with the discomfort immediately but if the OTC yeast infections have not helped the discharge and itching then you should be seen by your physician for a pelvic examination. Too much sexual penetration can lead to the soreness and discomfort that you are having, but it is also possible you are passing back and forth the yeast infection so if he has not used a yeast infection cream then he should to cut the risk of passing it back to you.
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Cheryl K.'s Post: Thank you for your reply. I suppose my real concern is the labial swelling and trying to determine if this IS actually a yeast infection. I had absolutely no sign of a yeast infection with both incidents until the sexual activity (which was more penetratively vigorous than usual). Can the sexual activity trigger the yeast infection? Or is that simply a myth? Also, I have two monogamous partners, one of whom also has another monogamous partner. However, one of my partners is not aware of the other and I have not used a barrier protection with either of them. I know that my uncircumsized partner has had a yeast infection diagnosed. The other partner has never had any problems. Who feasible is it that he could contract it from me?
The swelling can of course have come from the vigorous intercourse that you had. In most cases sexual intercourse does not cause a yeast infection unless your partner has an infection already. And yes if your partner has a yeast infection you may not show symtoms but be a carrier and pass it to someone else. I would try the Vagisil as it helps itching and irritation in the vaginal area as it is very possible you are just overly sore and have some irritation from the vigorous intercourse.
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