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I am shitting blood, but it doesn't hurt.

Resolved Question:

I am shitting blood but, it doesn't hurt. What does it mean?

When i wipe, I have a little blood, it is fresh. Nothing hurts I am 27, male, and in good shape.

Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Lindie replied 11 years ago.

bright red blood usually suggest that the blood is coming from the lower part of the GI tract (large bowel or rectum).

Bleeding from the anal area can be due to rectal_bleeding

(click the link above for more information)

Another possible reason could be hemorrhoids and/or anal fissures.

If there is more than 2 tablespoons, you need to be seen, as this is too much. If it's not that much, you can try to look in the anal area with a mirror to see if you can see a tear or hemorrhoid.

Some things that can cause hemorrhoids include; Inadequate intake of fiber, sitting too long, straining to have a bowel movement. Hard stools.

Below are two excellent sites that explain about Hemorrhoids as well and what can cause and treatment along with prevention.

read here

read here

Hope this helps, If you need anything else please feel free to ask. If you found this helpful don’t forget to click the *Accept* button.

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