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Mary McCartney
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Category: Health
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I can sleep 20 hours a day. I can get up and go right back

Customer Question

I can sleep 20 hours a day. I can get up and go right back to sleep
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Mary McCartney replied 11 years ago.
There a many reasons for being tired all the time. There is no way to know what is causing it without a complete physical.

The first one that occurs to me as a 50ish female is clinical depression.   Iron deficiency can cause fatigue, as can menopause. There is a condition called chronic fatigue syndrome which is still a bit controversial. Some doctors don't believe in it, writing it off to emotional problems. Stress, even without depression, can cause fatigue as well.

Contact your physician, or find one, and get a full physical and bloodwork. Explain your symptoms, and be a partner with your physician in finding out what is wrong.