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Lindie, Healthcare Expert
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I get huge puss filled pimples in my inner thighs near my

Customer Question

I get huge puss filled pimples in my inner thighs near my genitals. they are painful and it sometimes makes it difficult for me to walk. because they are so big. and when they burst a greenish yellowish puss comes out and it takes a while for it to heal. they appear in the inner most part of my thighs and in the crease between my thigh and genitals. however they never actually form on my genitals just around them. i have heard that it affects the thyroids but when i look it up on the net i cant find nothing. please help.
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Lindie replied 11 years ago.

skin infection, usually caused by staphylococcal bacteria. Possible blockages of the sweat glands. Hair follicle that have gotten infected. Here is an excellent site that explains this more in detail as well. read here

Since you have more than one.. you really should see your doctor. A course of antibiotics will be needed. As far as thyroid, a change in hormones can cause these to occur as well. Which you can also have your doctor do a full blood work up.

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