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Cheryl K.
Cheryl K., Health Enthusiast
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im having pain in my left upper leg, like the crease where ...

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im having pain in my left upper leg, like the crease where my leg meets my torso i guess. it has been hurting for a few days now but today its worse. my main concern is that it might have something to do with my ovaries or something like that. Is that a possabilitie??
This sounds lower and could be due to your lymph nodes in your groin area as that is around the crease you describe. It it was due to your ovaries it would be higher in the lower abdomen area. In alot of cases the lymph nodes heal theirself but swelling and soreness can be a sign of infection. The lymph nodes work as a filter and actually help to fight infection and become swollen and tender. It is not a concern unless it does not go away on it's own in a few days or if the pain increases then you should be seen by your physician.
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Cheryl K.'s Post: is it possible for it to be a pulled groin muscle? Also, is there a home remedy for this that you might know of?   Thank you so much for your help..if you could answer these last two things i would greatly appreciate it and of course i am going to accept your info.
Yes it could very well be a pulled groin muscle as well. For that it would be best to take some Aleve which works as an anti-inflammatory and also use some warm compresses on the area to help relieve the soreness. This will also help of this is a swollen lymph node so I would do these things anyway. With a pulled groin muscle it can take 4-5 days to feel relief so keep an eye on it and should it worsen after you start the Aleve and compresses you might want to have it further evaluated.
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