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What is I&D of wound and IVAbx. Also, what's NAS in relation

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What is I&D of wound and IVAbx. Also, what's NAS in relation to a fx tibia?
I&D is shorthand for incision and drainage of a wound; so a wound is incised and drained generally of pus or blood. Often, after this sort of procedure intravenous antibiotics are administered (IVAbx). Fx tibia is fracture of the tibia - the tibia is one of the two bones in the ankle (lower leg). As far as NAS is concerned, I must admit, I am stumped. Are you sure that it is NAS and not something similar? I'm familiar with many medical acronyms but this one I've never heard of before.

I hope that this helps. If you give me some more information I should hopefully be able to figure it out.

Take care
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