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My four year old daughter is very constipated. She has been

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My four year old daughter is very constipated. She has been trying to have a bowel movement for 3 1/2 days now and is in alot of pain. What can I do to help her? In the past under the advise of her doctor i have given her a teaspoon of mineral oil mixed with choclate syrup. I did that this time and it has not helped. We are currently in between medical cover age right now so i can't call our old doctor.


Can you encourage your daughter to eat any prunes, better yet, stewed prunes? I will stay online until you respond. I will try to help you!

Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Susan's Post: I dont think that she will at least not right now. She is at the point where when she has the erge to go, she will only sit on the toilet for not even a minute before she is upset and crying because it hurts and she want to get up. I can tell she is miserable and she keeps saying that its no use, nothing will work.. She has been going to the toilet about every ten minutes or so

OK-Try giving her a tablespoon of Kayro light or Kayro dark syrup, whichever you have on hand.

Also, if you have apple juice, pear juice, any fruit or fruit juice that is high in PECTIN helps with constipation. Since she probaly won't have much interest in foor based on your post, probably woudl be easier for her to consider taking in sips of a beverage like apple juice if you have this. Another idea, if you can get her to drink some sips of hot tea, maybe put some Kayo in hot tea and see if this will help her.

Stewed, slighttly warmed prunes, heated prune juice, figs, dried prunes shoul dhelp her.

Do you think she would drink perhaps 1/2 cup of hot tea sweetened with Kayro?

As long as she is crying and upset sitting on the pottie, she will have a hard time having a bowel movement. Maybe you could sit in the bathroom with her, have her sit on the pottie and sip some hot tea with Kayro and read her a story to help her relax. Sometimes a child will pottie if they aren't thinking about not being able to go..and are distracted.

What do you think about this? Think you can get her to drink some tea and kayro?

I will stay online until I hear back,OK? I am going downstairs to get my pediatric nursing book and see what else I can find, K? Susan =)

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Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Susan's Post: I think i could get her to drink the tea, she likes tea anyway. She actuully fineally went to sleep but try the tea thing tomorrow or when she wakes up. She is a very strong willed child and a very picky eater, so we will be working on improving her diet also.   i am going to accept your answer, i just wanted to know if you think that useing a stool softner while improving her diet would be a good idea. i have been reseaching all night it seems to be the most commen answer. I do not like to use medication unless it is neccessary. She does easliy constipate this is the second time in a week (she is usually is not this bad though, it usually is a month or longer between episodes.)   We do have an appointment made with a doctor for when our insurance becomes valid, but i have not been hearing the best things about this medical group and am reluctant to get into all this with a doctor i more than likly will not stay with. Anyway, i dont want to make her bowels dependant on anything but at the same time dont want her to have a hard time . i know i am a chatter box, sorry and thanks again for your help

Hello, Ok, the above is what I found in my references plus suggestion to use a glycerine suppository if the Kayro, Kayro tea or warm prune juice do not work. I have never had a child who has had stewed prunes not be successful in enabling them bowel movements. Warm stewed prunes work even better and if she is not intersted in eating anything, then warm prune juice. This will work the fastest. If these suggestions do not help her (cannot imagine that) then opt for glycerine suppository and follow directions on bottle for child her age.

Should AVOID milk, dairy products, processed foods, fats until she has success with BM's. These foods stimulate secretions by the mucous membranes and are difficult to digest and have little or no fiber. Avoid sodas. If she drinks anything, should only be water, tea that is hot, or juices such as apple, pear, prune and preferably the latter and warmed is the most effective although room temp or cold will promote BM's.

Carrot juice, carrots, a pectin substitute is also available and can be used.

I think I have pretty much run the gamut of possibilities. If I were you, I'd opt for the hot tea and the Kayro, this works in every patient I have ever cared for that is pediatric patient.

I will remain on line until I hear from you...Susan