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Every time I sit down to read, study or to watch tv I go to

Resolved Question:

Every time I sit down to read, study or to watch tv I go to sleep in five minutes. I have been to three doctors, one sent me for a sleep test. I am on a cpep machine. But it does not help. I have had this problem since high school. I was 170lbs in high school, I am 59 years old now and still have this problem. As long as I am moving around and working I am "OK". Some one please help.

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Male , Age: 59

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see my ?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. F. replied 11 years ago.
I am a sleep physician. CPAP is to treat obstructive sleep apnea which is a common cause of excessive sleepiness. If you are using CPAP with good compliance e.g. every time you sleep and the entire time you sleep AND the pressure is set correctly for your problem AND there is not a leak of pressure around the mask or out of the mouth then you should not be sleepy. If you are still sleepy, then another problem is present. Not getting enough sleep is extremely common. Some people need more sleep than the average person even up to 9-10 hours per day. If you are a long sleeper it is possible that you have been sleep deprived your entire life. Poor quality sleep is another cause. This can come from anything which disrupts the progression of deep sleep phases such as leg movements, gastrointesinal reflux, sleep apnea etc. The other possibility is narcolepsy. This is a condition of sleepiness which tends to start in adolescence and is with you your entire life. A test for narcolepsy can be done by your sleep doctor. It is called an MSLT which stands for Multiple Sleep Latency study. There is safe medication which you can take for narcolepsy to enhance your alertness which generally does improve quality of life.

I hope this has been helpful. The American Sleep Disorders Assn website may be helpful for you also.
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Dr. F.
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