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My semen has always had a strong smell of ammonia. This

Resolved Question:

My semen has always had a strong smell of ammonia. This smell has always been present since I have started masterbating, over 26 years ago. Yet after a recent sexual encounter, 2 months ago, that smell has completely gone away. What disease would cause this?

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Age: 44

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Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Gupta replied 11 years ago.

Smell of ammonia in semen is normal. A small amout of ammonia is secreted in semen. In someones semen this smell dominates and in some it does not. The taste and smell of semen is influenced a lot by your diet, vitamins and genetics. Semen consists of mostly of protein, citric acid, fructose, sodium, chloride and smaller amounts of ammonia, ascorbic acid, acid phosphates, calcium, carbon dioxide, cholesterol, prostaglandins, creatine, and other minerals and other chemicals. Eating less meat (and proteins) and more carbo hydrates, vegetables and fresh fruits is said to improve the taste and smell of semen. Dairy products create the foulest smelling fluids, alkaline based foods as meat and fish produce a butter, fish smell. There is no infection or disease which can improve the smell of semen. In fact an infection will mostly produce a foul smelling semen. If you have had any dietry change or started taking any vitamins, then that might explain the absence of smell of ammonia. In any case, there is no need to worry. This is definitly not a disease or infection.

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