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I just tested positive for HSV-1 and HSV-2. However, I have

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I just tested positive for HSV-1 and HSV-2. However, I have NEVER had any symptoms of genital herpes or oral herpes. Someone I was with a month ago confirmed he'd had a genital herpes outbreak about a week after we'd been together. It turned out he was phone diagnosed and has yet to be blood-tested. My antibody titer for HSV-2 came in at 5.....and "above normal range" and for HSV-1, it came in at 1.13. My physician told me b/c my titer was so high he suspected I'd been carrying the virus a while and that I didn't contract if from my last sex partner. My question is, what do the antibody titer levels mean? Is 5 good or bad? Till now, if I have been a carrier for a while I've never had anyone else tell me they'd had an outbreak. Anyway, i'm also confused how I could really have a disease i've never manifested ANY symptoms of to date. Thank you for your consideration. Lori

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Age: 43

Dear Lori,

TO put this VERY basically:

Antibody Titers: your bodies immune system has been in contact with a foreign invader (germ), and your immune system has made antibodies (killer cells) to fight it off. When you draw blood levels for Antibody Titers, it just means that your body has been in contact with that germ(HSV), and it has responded the correct way, and made killer cells against it.

A (5) is not good or bad, per say. It just shows that your body has made alot of antibodies to HSV, and most likely, you have been exposed at sometime, and are now infected with HSV.

It is VERY common to have it, and not have ANY symptoms at all. Even though you do not have symptoms you can still infect someone else. Also, the other sex partners you have been with, may have it, and not know it, and or, did not contract it from you, because your body was not shedding HSV virus when you were with them. That is what has happened in your case.

Please read this website. They also have treatments, chat rooms, and dating services for HSV positive people. You most likely should be retested, and you could start taking medication like Valtrex, and use condoms EVERY time, to help prevent spreading it. You can get HSV1 or 2 from oral sex. So remember that too!!! It is passed by skin to skin contact!

Good Luck and God Bless. If you have question just ask me.

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