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my lymphocyte count was 17, wbc 5.9, and rbc was 4.76. My ...

Resolved Question:

my lymphocyte count was 17, wbc 5.9, and rbc was 4.76. My doctor said the lymph was normal even though it went slightly below the normal range. Is that common? My count was 29 one month ago. I have been stressed and on xanax for a month. I am coming off of that now and wanted to know if changes in lymph count are normal. Thank you

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Female , Age: 34

Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Kerry replied 11 years ago.

Yes, your doctor is right. Slightly below normal can happen and it doesn't signify anything is necessarily wrong. Remember normal values are averages, so it can vary a little up or a little below.

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