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I have been running a low grade fever (99.6-100.5) off and

Resolved Question:

I have been running a low grade fever (99.6-100.5) off and on for a week. I have a scratchy throat in the mornings and a little bit of a stuffy/runny nose. I little coughing. Can you tell me if I need a presciption or can I just let it runs its course. Donna Kolb dkolb59

Optional Information:
Female , Age: 46

Already Tried:
Zicam and zinc tablets
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Lindie replied 11 years ago.

You have a low grade which other than Tylenol is fine. Everything else you appear to have is also viral related. I would give a few more days. If your fever does go above 101 or your throat becomes worse then you may want to see your doctor. But from what you have listed, you can only wait for it to run it's course. Tylenol for the low grade fever and pain. LOTS of fluid to flush your system and lots of rest as well.

Hope this helps.

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