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I got test results back from a pap, it said "Endocervical

Customer Question

I got test results back from a pap, it said "Endocervical and/or squamous metaplastic cells (endocervical component) are present" should I be worried?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Kerry replied 11 years ago.

Hi Looks like you have nothing to worry about. Your doctor will most likely recommend another PAP in one year.

What kinds of cells are collected from the cervix?

  • The normal cervix has two types of cells on the surface—squamous cells and columnar (glandular or mucus producing) cells. Additionally, new squamous cells are identified as metaplastic cells.

    • Squamous cells The skin throughout the vagina and to varying degrees covering the cervix is composed of multiple layers of flat cells called squamous cells. The skin on the outside of our body is also covered by squamous cells.
    • Columnar or glandular cells The surface of the canal that leads from the outside of the cervix to the endometrial cavity within the uterus (the womb) is covered by a single layer of cells that produces mucus (part of the liquid in vaginal discharge). These cells stop at the edge of the squamous cells. This junction where the two cell types meet is called the squamocolumnar junction
    • Metaplastic cells (immature squamous cells) New squamous cells at the squamocolumnar junction are continuously replacing columnar cells. These new squamous cells are called metaplastic cells. The area of cell replacement is called the transformation zone. Metaplastic cells are normal. However, metaplastic cells appear to be most vulnerable to the activity of HPV in causing abnormal cell changes. Therefore, the transformation zone and SCJ are areas where most precancerous change can be found. These cells may also be more vulnerable to the irritative effects of yeast, tampons, intercourse, spermicides, etc., in other words, to life! Some abnormal Paps are due to these non-precancerous cell changes.


Hope that helps!

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Customer: replied 11 years ago.
I have been off the pill for a year, and I haven't had a period in 3 months, I'm not pregnant, could this be why?
Expert:  Kerry replied 11 years ago.

No, I don't think this would be why.

What you are experiencing is called Secondary Amenorrhea.

Click here for a more detailed article.

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Please let me know if you have more questions.