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My labia minora is very swollen and itchy, sensitive to

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My labia minora is very swollen and itchy, sensitive to touch. I have had vaginal discharge,whitish-yellow for 5 days. I have no white, cottage cheese like symptoms so I don't htink it's a yeast infection. The labia majora is dry and there is a slight rash. The inside of my vagina is very red. There is no foul smell at all. I will see a doctor soon but in the mean time, I'd like to ease my mind and learn what this is that I have. I can't take the itching and burning any longer.

Optional Information: Female , Age: 31


Most likely it is some kind of infection. It may not be yeast, but bacterial. This can be the result of a sexually transmitted infection, or sometimes they just happen and aren't related at all. If you have used a new bubble bath, soap, laundry soap or lotion lately it could be a dermatitis as well.

Click here for a good article by Medline Plus.

You don't have to have all the symptoms listed in this article.

The doctor will get to the cause of it, so I'm glad you are going to be seen.

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Just wondering if you have more questions!

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