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400 mg/kg equals how many ounces?

Customer Question

400 mg/kg equals how many ounces?
Submitted: 12 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  xarqi replied 12 years ago.
This is 0.0064 ounces per pound.

To obtain the correct dosage (I assume that is what you want to do), multiply the body weight in pounds by 0.0064, and that will be the dosage in ounces.
Customer: replied 12 years ago.
Reply to xarqi's Post: Since last time I was weighed, about a month ago, I tipped the scales at 185 pounds; If I'm doing the arithmetic correctly, the means that 400mg/kg equals
1.184 oz. Have I understood your conversion correctly? Doesn't seem right; that's less that 2 tablespoons. Please verify. Customer
Expert:  xarqi replied 12 years ago.
I'll do it another way and see if I get the same answer.

185 lbs = 83.92 kg

At 400 mg/kg, the dose would be 400 x 83.92 = 33566 mg, which is equal to 33.57 g. One ounce is 28.35 g, so 33.57 g = 1.184 oz.

The answer is correct. How that translates into tablespoons depends on the density of whatever it is that is being measured. As an example, a tablespoon (assumed to be 15 mL, although there are different standards) of water would weigh 15 g, so 2 tbs would weigh 30 g. If what you are measuring is denser than water, 33.57 g could indeed be less than 2 tbs.

Everything seems to check out.