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What does robaxin show up as in a urine test and what are

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What does robaxin show up as in a urine test and what are the causes for those results


Robaxin can show up as an amphetamine in urine drug screens.

Here is what I found while researching the internet for you:

This is a muscle relaxant and although it is not an amphetamine, some of its ring structures could be picked up if the test is not specific. Ask that a more specific test be performed. This will definitely identify amphetamines. Usually drug screens in companies are inexpensive to keep costs down. These pick up several false positives at the price of being less specific. However, I doubt that the company will spend the cash to do the test. You may have to pay for the test.

I hope that helps!


Customer: replied 12 years ago.
Reply to Kerry's Post: Are there other prescription drugs that can show up as opiates/cocaine/meth and the like. I need some specifics because a very dear friend is going through a custody battle for his son and he takes some prescription meds for some type of degenerative spinal thing.


You are a good friend to be concerned! If you can send me a list of the medications he is taking, I can surely look them up for you and let you know.

By the way, if these medicines are prescribed by a doctor for him, they shouldn't effect a custody battle, or a job drug screen or what have you. Even with narcotocs etc, if they are prescribed for a medicinal reason by a doctor, all the person would have to do is provide a copy of the prescription or a note from the doctor.

Hope that helps!


Customer: replied 12 years ago.
Reply to Kerry's Post: My friend takes lortabs 5/500 and keflex 500mg. the generics are hydracodone and cephalexin. There may be one other but i'm not sure. Apparently these will because the case workers suspended his visitations


The lortabs (hydrocodone) are a from of opiate, and will show up in a urine drug screen. Can he prove this is ordered by his doctor for a medical condition necessitating he take them? If so, he needs to contact this case worker, and possibly an attorney to fight this.

Are there other circumstances involved? If his ex-spouse is making allegations, he has the right to know about them, and also the right to give his side of the story.

I wish both you and your friend the best!


Kerry and 2 other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 12 years ago.
Reply to Kerry's Post: Do not think more help is needed right now. but if I need more information I will ask. My friend fears tampering on this last drug screen. There are those who want to take his son for someone else. He has done no wrong but they are treating him like a criminal.       Thank you again very much.