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Dear Candace, CNA, Home Health Care
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Can I catch cold from a ceiling fan?

Customer Question

Please clear up an argument I am having with my boyfriend. He says that you can get a cold or have sore throat and stuffy/runny nose from sleeping under the ceiling fan. Please give me a definitive answer on this. I disagree but want clarification from an expert.

Submitted: 13 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dear Candace replied 13 years ago.

My husband claims the same thing as your boyfriend. Colds are caused by viruses. Stuffy/runny nose is caused by colds or allergies, and even dry air.

What you need is a humidifier. I purchased the Rain Mate from Rainbow, and run it at night. It does a great job of humidifying and cleaning the air.

When the air in your bedroom is dry, is dries out the mucus and secretions in your airways, making them thicker. You wake up with a stuffy nose or coughing.

Allergies can be caused by dust, dust mites, and mold, which tend to be prevalent in bedrooms. Get a hypo-allergenic cover for your pillows and mattress. This prevents dust mites. Vacuum and dust the room regularly. Inspect for mold, treat the area if you find mold. Treat the cause also, or you will still have a mold problem. Air out the bedroom on a regular basis.

I run a 5 stage air cleaner in my bedroom 27/7 to keep dust and other stuff out of the air. Using an air cleaner and humidifier makes a world of difference. I like to sleep with the ceiling fan on. It circulates the air, but does not directly cause a person to have a cold or sore throat. If the fan is dusty, it will contribute to airborne impurities which will cause a person to become congested and stuffed up. A clean ceiling fan, incorporated with a humidifier, will not cause sore throats or colds.

Another source of a sore throat can be mouth breathing during the night. The cold air hits the back of the throat and makes it sore. When we breathe through our nose, the inside of our nasal cavity cleans the air, warms it, and humidifies it. None of this happens when we breathe through our mouth, thus we get a sore throat. Once again, that is not attributable to a ceiling fan!

I hope this information helps you. I have been seeing an ear/nose/throat doctor for a couple of months, and he told me I had a deviated septum which contributed to my stuffy nose. I recently had a septoplasty and turbinoplasty, now I can breathe freely through my nose once again! People who have chronic allergies or stuffiness develop enlarged turbinates. Those are the things inside of your nasal passages that clean, warm, and humidify the air we breathe. Turbinoplasty reduces the size of the turbinates, thus creating more room in your nasal cavity. The septoplasty straightens out a crooked (deviated) septum, allowing for freer breathing on both sides of your nose.

Dear Candace, CNA, Home Health Care
Category: Health
Satisfied Customers: 118
Experience: 10 years of experience.
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