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TheMysticWave, Herbal Healer, Color Therapist
Category: Health
Satisfied Customers: 427
Experience:  36 yrs. exp. in Alternative Medicine (Herbal & Wholistic Healing) Color Therapy, Flower Essences
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I have a fungus on my hand I can’t get rid of, I’ve had a

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I have a fungus on my hand I can’t get rid of, I’ve had a fungal scraping and taken Diflucan, antibotics and cream, but it won’t go away, what else can I do?
If the area is wet and "weepy," an aluminum subacetate solution may help with wetness, and also with the infection. Soak the infected hand in the solution twice a day for 20 minutes each time. In addition, an anti-fungus cream may be used.

If the rash is only dry and scaly, then treat it with any of the numerous anti-fungus creams currently available. Treatment should be continued for 1 to 2 weeks after the rash has cleared. Often, over-the-counter anti-fungus creams are adequate. Other times, prescription-strength cream will be required.

Creams usually do not work on fugal infections of the nails -- treat with oral anti-fungus medicines.

For fungal infections of the hand that do not respond to creams, an oral anti-fungus medicine such as Griseofulvin (250-500 mg twice a day for 2-4 weeks) can be used. Once the infection is cured, use anti-fungus powders or creams to prevent repeat infections.

Itraconazole (200 mg once a day for 2 weeks) or Terbinafine (250 mg once a day for 2 to 4 weeks) are other options. However, all these medications tend to be expensive.

Treatment is usually successful within 2 to 4 weeks.
I hope this helps you and good luck, I know how frustrating these infections can be.
nursehope, Nurse (RN)
Category: Health
Satisfied Customers: 222
Experience: Advanced Practice RN w/ experience in Psychiatry ,Med-Surg, OB/GYN & Neurology.
nursehope and 4 other Health Specialists are ready to help you


I am very sorry about your condition.

My husband suffers from severe Psoriasis, he is covered from head to toe with it....You did not state whether or not the doctor has diagnosed your condition --such as Psoriasis or even Eczema -- nor did you mention any symptoms....Eczema is usually painful swelling and oozing of the skin, bleeding cracks, severe scaling, itching and burning (this also pertains to Psoriasis which can lead to Psoriatic Arthritis, which my husband suffers from as well).

If your skin fungus developed internally, from an overgrowth of Candida in your intestinal tract, for example, then you can pile on the lotions and potions and that fungus will keep coming back from the inside out. You' ve got to attack it internally, if you want to get rid of it.

See the link below:

Eliminate Fungal Infections & Prevent Yeast that Causes Fungus Growth -

How can you tell if your skin fungus developed from internal or external sources?

Fighting Skin Fungus Topically and Internally

Topical applications can work on skin fungus if it is from external causes. Sometimes, fungal creams can be successful, often not. What happens is, when new fungal creams come on the market it can be temporarily effective against external skin fungus. But most times this can leave ruminants of fungus. The fungus that survives may spread and become more resistant to the treatment. Thus why most creams become less effective over time.

So at first, a treatment might help kill skin fungus as much as 70% of the time. However, after it has been on the market a few years, that number will most likely be no better than 30%. And of course, if some of the fungi on your skin are not killed by the cream, the resistant fungus can re-grow. So it may become harder and harder to get rid of a skin fungus using anti-fungal creams. What you need in this case, are topical skin fungus killers that skin fungi can't become resistant to. Here are four that will do just this, and won't cause skin irritation either.

Oxygen Elements Plus

This a unique oxygen producing supplement. Liquid drops in a bottle that literally have the ability to create oxygen from water. Just put a drop or two on the fungus and rub in till dry. This pushes the oxygen further into the skin fungus. Oxygen will help the body fight any fungus or pathogen it runs into, whether inside your body or on your skin. A skin fungus cannot become resistant to it. You just have to use enough to make a difference. So use it several or more times a day, and keep using it till the fungus clears up.

The more ways you attack fungus, the better. So you may want to use it in conjunction with other anti-fungal natural supplements. One of them being…

High Particulate Colloidal Silver

Silver disrupts enzymes in pathogens and safely kills them, whether it's a fungus or virus or bad bacteria. Again, a fungus can't become resistant to it, so it is very good to use for fighting Candida.

High Particulate Colloidal Silver is the best one on the market. It is a liquid you can drink or use externally. Testing shows that it may have as much as 100 times the colloidal particles per a given volume than other colloidal silvers.

Given the fact that if your immune system is in poor enough shape that it lets a fungus grow on your skin or toenail or whatever, it is likely to be allowing fungus to be growing throughout your body.

Candida yeast live in the intestinal tract and morph into a fungal form when they overgrow.

Sinus infections, ear and eye infections, oral thrush, skin fungus outbreaks, toenail or fingernail fungus outbreaks, foggy head, memory loss, fatigue, vaginal yeast infections and more. They can burrow into joints, muscles, organs, skin. They hide out from the immune system, and activate when they want. That' s why you can' t get rid of a skin fungus caused internally by using topical treatments. You' ve got to attack it internally.

If your skin fungus comes from a severe internal fungal overgrowth, you may well have other health issues to deal with before you can completely regain your health.

Conditions such as Psoriasis and Eczema, do not always go away...but they can be controlled by way of a "new lifestyle" - using methods of homeopathy, natural rawfood diet, special oils, uropathy, and herbal remedies. Soaking your hand/body in kelp and bentonite clay infused water is very detoxifying and cleansing can use this in place of soap. Occasionally, you can try a colloidal oatmeal bath. Also, you can massage your hand with castor oil mixed with calendula extract and wrap your hand in a plastic bag for a few hours to keep the skin and any cracks as soft as possible. You can also try Shea Butter which has a combination of colloidal oatmeal and coconut butter lotion - it is derived from the seeds of the Karite Nut of the Mangifolia Tree in Africa. These 2 lotions help soothe and moisturize skin without clogging pores.

Always consult with a professional physician/dermotologist before undergoing alternative treatments.

If you wish for further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

My very best to you.

Bright Blessings.

Peace, Love & Happiness,

The Mystic Wave

TheMysticWave, Herbal Healer, Color Therapist
Category: Health
Satisfied Customers: 427
Experience: 36 yrs. exp. in Alternative Medicine (Herbal & Wholistic Healing) Color Therapy, Flower Essences
TheMysticWave and 4 other Health Specialists are ready to help you