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Just updated the software on my Astro 320, turned on the DC

Customer Question

Just updated the software on my Astro 320, turned on the DC 40. The light stays on, doesn't blink.
My unit was purchased in 2011. Is it too old to work?
Thanks, Carlyne
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: GPS
Expert:  Pete replied 1 year ago.

Hi Carlyne,

If the DC 40 collar is displaying a solid red light, the firmware will need to be reinstalled with the Astro utilizing a "boot block" process.

To reinstall the firmware utilizing the Astro 320:

  1. Turn off all DC collars
  2. Power on Astro
  3. Ensure your Astro and dog collar are paired*
  4. Connect Astro to a computer via USB cable
  5. Launch WebUpdater
  6. Click Next on WebUpdater Welcome screen
  7. Click Find Device
  8. Click Next once WebUpdater finds Astro
  9. Update Astro's software, if needed
  10. Select Next to look for additional updates:
    1. If an update for the DC collar appears:
      1. Check box to select update
      2. Click Next to send dog collar update to Astro
    2. If no update for DC collar appears, proceed to next step
  11. Disconnect and power on Astro
  12. Press DOG
  13. Select dog needing updated
  14. Select Show Info
  15. Press MENU
  16. Press and hold power button on the DC collar
  17. Select Upgrade Dog Unit on Astro after the DC collar light turns solid red
  18. Wait for software update to progress past 10%
  19. Release the power button (as an alternative try releasing the power button after 1% if the first attempt fails)

After software is finished loading, the DC collar will work as normal. It may take more than one attempt to get the software to reinstall.

*If collar has been removed from the Astro 320, it is possible to pair the two.

To pair a collar with a solid red light to the Astro 320:

  1. Turn all collars off
  2. Power on Astro
  3. Press DOG
  4. Press MENU
  5. Select Dog List
  6. Select Add Dog
  7. Select No when asked Are you able to touch the handheld to the new dog unit?
  8. Select Yes when asked Do you know the dog unit ID?
  9. Select any available number
  10. Enter a name
  11. Select done

It will now be possible to proceed with the firmware reinstallation for the collar.