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When I turn on my SGXw and locate the course I am going to

Customer Question

Hi Bernie,
When I turn on my SGXw and locate the course I am going to play, the yardage opens to 999 regardless of the yards, and stay's there for the whole round, which makes is useless.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: GPS
Expert:  Pete replied 1 year ago.

Hi there,

999 is the maximum distance value your SGXW can display. You might be seeing the value for several reasons. Here are some suggestions for troubleshooting and resolving this problem:

  • Confirm that you have selected the correct SkyCourse on your SkyCaddie.

    Accidentally selecting the wrong course could cause the SkyCaddie to measure distance from your current location to a different course that is much farther away.

  • You might need to change the distance setting on the SkyCaddie. To do this:

    - Press the MENU button on the SkyCaddie.

    - Select Preferences

    - Select Distance and change the setting to meters, yards, miles, or kilometers.

  • If the other courses on your SkyCaddie show the correct yardage, there could be an issue with the course you selected.

    In such a case, download your courses again from the CaddieSync desktop to see if that resolves the issue.