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I have a Nuvi 1390; I plugged it in to charge before my trip

Customer Question

I have a Nuvi 1390; I plugged it in to charge before my trip and it told me the maps needed updating; dso I unplugged it , took it to my computer to accomplish the map update. It started with a green line across the bottom of the screen, then turned off and now will not turn on at all- much less update the maps.
I went to the troubleshooting area for Garmin; I plugged in my garmin anyway and the site told me that because we have Google Chrome, I needed a plugin to have the garmin talk to the computer, load maps, etc...; but it also said I had to close the browser ;. When I close the browser, I lose the page for the download.
Help, Please!!!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: GPS
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
How much longer before I receive an answer?
Expert:  Greg A. replied 1 year ago.
Hello & Welcome to Just Answer,
Sorry I didn't see your question earlier and to hear of the issue you are having with your GPS.
To get started on troubleshooting, let me ask a few questions, such as:
1) WHEN as the device last used successfully?
2) The AGE of the device?
3) HOW LONG did you have it on the charger BEFORE removing it and connecting to the computer?
4) What type of computer (Windows, Mac, etc.) are you using to attempt the update?
5) What tool (program) are you using to attempt the update?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The device was last successfully used about 3 weeks ago
the device was purchased in 2010
It was only on the charger 10 min before I plugged it into the computer
We use Windows-Google chrome
We were attempting to use the Garmin plug in recommended on Garmin's troubleshooting page. It specifically said we needed it to allow computer to talk to our device and update maps, etc....
Expert:  Greg A. replied 1 year ago.
Hi again and thanks for that.
OK - first item to consider would be the "charge state" of the internal battery (and why it turned OFF when trying to boot up).
At 5 years old, I would suspect that the battery is getting "weak" and may need to be charged for a longer period of time - via any AC charger/adapter you have or the vehicle power adapter, as those are "high power" chargers (vs. a computer USB port which is LOW power).
So it should be OK to disconnect the device from the computer and reconnect to whatever other charger you have while we prepare the computer for talking to the device.
Next Item: You should be able to use almost any browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and each of them would need to have the "Communicator Plugin" installed for the device to be able to communicate with Garmin servers/services. And it is often "normal" to have to shut down the browser and open it up again - to be able to use the plugin.
So for that, I would recommend saving a "bookmark" in the browser, so that you can quickly return to the page you were at previously. OR, if you check the "history" of the browser, you should be able to find the page you were at in that list (assuming that you do not have the history disabled).
At that point, you should be able to have the device communicate with the servers at Garmin and be all set to continue.
NOTE: You MAY have noticed by past use of the device that these "time to update the maps" reminders do pop up on the screen as the maps get older. But in MOST cases, you can continue to use the installed maps without actually updating.
So can you try charging your device for about 30 minutes - using the AC adapter or vehicle power adapter, install that plugin and restart the browser, and then try to return to the Garmin page to see if your device can communicate?
If so, then I believe we can proceed IF you really need to update the maps.
Thanks, ***** *****
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you Greg.I closed the browser, then re-opened and used Garmin Express and the maps loaded!! Also, the unit charged - no problem.Thank you for your help
Expert:  Greg A. replied 1 year ago.

Hi again, You are quite welcome and I'm glad I could help. Please let me know if you have any more issue in the future. If this has answered your question(s), please take a moment to rate MY service level (Excellent is my goal) so that I get credit for helping you with this question.

You should see some "smiley faces" or "stars" to do that, but please let me know if you do NOT see them or can not use them. Thanks, ***** *****


Expert:  Greg A. replied 1 year ago.

Hi again,

I see it has been a few days and I just wanted to follow up to see if you have any more questions concerning this issue or if the issue was resolved.

I look forward to any further questions or results that you may have.

Thanks, ***** *****