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MasterFixIt, Technician
Category: GPS
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Experience:  I have 12 years of experience servicing all GPS models.
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I have two Garmins, a nuvi 50, sn 2AR052814 and a nuvi 52LM,

Customer Question

I have two Garmins, a nuvi 50, sn 2AR052814 and a nuvi 52LM, sn 2V R028622.
I talked to one of your people about the prolems I was having and they said that they would replace both even though one or both were out of warranty. Nothing every showed up. I do not believe that after that phone call for the problems and the solution, or shipping instructions were given. I assumed I would get them eventually.
I have tried to log on with one of your people to discuss the problem. In every case, I was getting locked up. I tried to log on with 3 different email programs without any luck. I am using Mozilla Firefox.
The newer of the two units is simply just dead. will not turn on.
The other tells me to turn rite and then tells me to turn left, the second command is correct. It gets other things mixed up also. I can use it and have gotten used to last second changes in instructions.
I would like a phone call not an email response.
thank you.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: GPS
Expert:  MasterFixIt replied 1 year ago.

Hi Jeff, you must have spoken with someone else.

I can send you an offer for a phone call. if your first rate my service to you kindly, then accept I will call you at your convenience if you are in the US.

Thank you

Tech Michael