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I have a new garmin nuvi 55 lm and it cannot locate my home.

Customer Question

I have a new garmin nuvi 55 lm and it cannot locate my home. Our address is 706 road 13 and it invariably directs us to 1706. This was true of my old garmin of ten years ago. What gives?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: GPS
Expert:  TV-Tech1 replied 2 years ago.
Usually it's not the Garmin causing your problem but actually the MAP and how the road is or was named back at the turn of the century. I have had the same problem with Tom Tom units I have. There's a couple things I try to get it correct. Put your address in, then VIEW your map. Sometimes you'll find a 2nd or even 3rd name listed on your "Road 13". Example of one was in Defiance Ohio, Road 8...Found out it's Defiance/Paulding County road, aka 132 which is likely Paulding's road number, and 8 is Defiance county's. Secondly, I didn't find that information on my GPS. I had to use Google maps to get that info. And of course that doesn't help when you're 60 miles from home, but in your case, you can Google your home address and get a picture of your road, and all the names given it.