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I have a Nuvi 205W I bought about 2 years ago. The other day

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I have a Nuvi 205W I bought about 2 years ago. The other day the screen froze on "loading maps" while on car charger. I unplugged it to restart the unit, and it powered off.
When I restarted it, the logo screen came on, the copyright screen came on, the "loading maps" screen came on, and then shut down.
Later I pluggged it into the USB port on my computer to see if an update was required, but my laptop was not recognizing the unit. The unit goes to the screen showing it's connected. When I unplug from my computer, it completely powers off.
Any ideas?
Hello & Welcome to Just Answer,

Sorry to hear of the issue you are having with your GPS.

May I ask if the device even tries to power on - when it is NOT connected to any power source?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

It will power on to the copyright screen, then powers off.

Hi again,

Sorry for the delay - I had an emergency call I had to take.

OK - what I am concerned about is the internal battery of the device. Anything unit about 2 years old or older can have a failing battery, so that may be the root cause of this issue.

But let me ask you: When you tried the reset where you hold your finger on the lower-right corner of the touch screen, did you do that when the device was still connected to power, or was it disconnected?

Also, if we do find out it is the internal battery, would you like to attempt a replacement yourself, or would you be more comfortable sending the device in for repair?


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I held my finger on the screen on AC power, DC power and on battery power. Neither of the three would reset the unit. I think I can replaced the battery myself.

Hi again and thanks for that information.

OK - it does sound like the battery would be the least expensive option. And if you haven't found the battery replacement kit yet, I have a link to that on Amazon (click here).

I also have a link to the video that shows how the job is done, so you can judge for yourself if you want to try it. It is not really all that hard, and the trickiest part is getting the case open without damage.

Click Here --> Video

One note: I did a quick check on Garmin's "out of warranty" repair page, and it looks like they DO still repair these particular devices - for a $79 fee. I know this is more than just replacing the battery yourself, BUT the device WILL be working when you get it back AND there is a 90 day warranty on their services. So that is another thing to consider - if you don't really want to replace the battery yourself.

Please let me know what you decide or if you have any more questions.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Greg, thanks for all your hlep.

Hi again,

You are quite welcome.

Please let me know what you decide on and your results - when you can.


P.S. When you have a moment, please take a second or two to rate my service level (Excellent is may goal), so that I get credit for our work together today.
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