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ref: Magellan Roadmate serial #081000041694......the unit is

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ref: Magellan Roadmate serial #081000041694......the unit is stuck on a previous destinat and the cursor on the map does not move. when traveling. Also the direction prompting is mute. I canceled the trip but no effect.
Is there a way to RESET the device.
Hello & Welcome to Just Answer,

Sorry to hear of the issue you are having with your GPS.

May I ask for the Model Number fo your device? That will help me locate a possible RESET procedure for the unit.

Also, may I ask WHEN and WHERE the device was last used successfully?
That is, has it been a long time since the device was used OR has it moved a long distance since it was last operated?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

model 9055-LM last successful use was a week ago locally in Newberg, Oregon 97115

Hi again and thanks for that information.

OK - it sounds like the device MAY not be finding the satellite signals, or perhaps there are not enough satellites "locked on" to really find the location.

As a TEST, can you tell me what happens when you FIRST switch the device on and wait for a few seconds? This assumes that you do NOT have an active route or destination being searched for (where the device is trying to calculate the route).

As for resetting the device, there are three possibilities for the Roadmate series, and I have listed them below.

Depending on the power switch your unit was designed with follow the instructions below:

1) Slide Switch
Slide and hold the power switch in the off position for more than 8 seconds.

2) Push Down Power Button
Look for a Reset pin hole on the bottom or on either side of the unit. Take a pin or an end of a paper clip and insert it into the hole and push in until you feel it pop slightly, hold it for 10 seconds. Your unit will reset itself.

3) Reset Power Switch
If your unit has a Reset Power Switch then it will have a three position power switch (Reset, Off, On), if this is the case slide the switch to the reset position and hold it for 10 seconds to perform the reset.

Please let me know what you see on the Map screen when you first power on the unit OR if you can use one of the resets above to get the device from trying to calculate the route.

What we really want to see is a good lock and the Map screen showing your EXACT location - before trying to calculate a new route or destination.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I am indoors and the device is in batttery mode. When I depress the slide swirch and hole it a get a bar as if loading, Then the warning comes up followed by the map. showing the last location I tried which was at my residence. .........Now the prompt is to try again outdoors. It looks like this may be the fix. I'll return in 10 minutes.

Hi again,

Yes, you will want to be OUTDOORS - with a CLEAR view of the sky and have the device connected to vehicle power - if at all possible - when you power it on.

Then you will want to leave the device (and vehicle) STATIONARY while you wait a few minutes for the device to "lock on" to the satellite signals - that is key.

Please let me know what you find - when you can.

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