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nuvi 50 LM freezes on boot at the GARMIN page. Only soft reset

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nuvi 50 LM freezes on boot at the GARMIN page. Only soft reset turns it off. Hard reset not working. Help!
Hello and welcome, my name isXXXXX'm sorry to hear about your problem.

How old is the unit, and when did this start happening (after a map update for example)?

Do you have usb cable you can use to connect the device to your computer? (There are a few things I'd like to check).

Thank you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
The unit is only about a month old and has worked perfectly until today when this symptom occurred. It is normally plugged into a car power and just did't start up when I was comong home from an errand. I have updated the map, but not lately. I did try using the USB cable, but the unit did not respond correctly to it. I can certainly try that again. What do you need to have checked?
Thanks Mark, please take these steps:

1. Lets try updating the internal firmware on the device, you will need to use the Garmin Webupdater program, to download it please click HERE if you use Windows or HERE if you use Mac.

Then open and install the Webupdater program, and follow the prompts it gives you. You will need to connect the device to the computer with a USB cable, then wait a few minutes for it to be recognized. Just follow the onscreen prompts then. If it says you have the latest software, choose to reinstall it. When it's done you will get a message confirming the update. After that's done, with the device still plugged into the computer, initiate a soft reset by holding the power switch over to the on position for 1 minute, then release. Wait a few minutes, then take the device to an area with a clear view of the sky and let it sit for about 20-30 minutes to reacquire satellites and stabilize its connection.

2. If it still won't boot up correctly and freezes, plug the device into the computer (which should be turned on), and leave it to charge for 4 hours, then we will need to take these steps to master reset your device to factory defaults:

Make sure the Nuvi is unplugged and turned off.
Using your finger or the eraser tip of a pencil, touch and hold the bottom right part of the screen.
Still holding it, now power on the device, and release the power button when the device is on.
It may take up to 30 seconds, but eventually you should get a message asking if you really want to erase all user data.
Confirm by touching yes (button on the right), and the device will reset.
Follow any on screen prompts to setup the Nuvi again.
Finally take the device to an area with a clear view of the sky and let it sit for about 20-30 minutes to reacquire satellites and stabilize its connection.

3. If it still won't work right, unfortunately this means there is a hardware problem and the device will need to be sent in for repairs. Since you are still within warranty the repair cost will be covered, please take these steps:

Call 1-800-800-1020 or(NNN) NNN-NNNNand request a RMA (Return Material Authorization) number. Please have your serial number, your return shipping address, and contact information ready. Once you've recieved the RMA number, Garmin will tell you what unique dock number to include in your shipping address. Ship the unit to:

Garmin International
1200 E. 151st Street
RMA Number: insert RMA # XXXXX by support specialist here
Dock Door: insert dock # XXXXX by support specialist here
Olathe, KS 66062 USA

For Garmin AT (Aviation)/Apollo products only:
Garmin AT, Inc.
RMA Number: insert RMA # XXXXX by support specialist here
2345 Turner Rd. SE
Salem, OR 97302 USA

Hopefully it does not come to needing repair, if it does I'm very sorry there was not a quicker fix, I always try to be thorough as possible before determining if something needs repair. When rating me, please consider that hardware failure is out of my control (although I can absolutely relate to the frustration)...So if I can be of any further assistance to gain a favorable rating from you today, please let me know anything you need Mark.

Thank you,
Bernie K.
Bernie and 2 other GPS Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Bernie,

As it turns out, the unit I had problems with was completely dead. I took it back to the store where I bought it and they replaced it on the spot since it was still under warranty. So, the problem is resolved. Thanks for your help.


You're very welcome Mark, I was happy to assist you.
If you have other questions in the future and would like to reach me again, you can ask me directly here: LINK. There are also more Professionals who specialize in Legal, Health, Veterinary, Auto (and more) via the newly designed site.
Best regards,Bernie K.