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Category: GPS
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Experience:  11yr exp. MS Elec Engg, Design Engineer.
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I have a nuvi 265w. I downloaded an unlimited free map update,

Resolved Question:

I have a nuvi 265w. I downloaded an unlimited free map update, which I bought a year ago. I downloaded a free map before without any trouble.
This time, the map downloaded, but a message says the maps are locked and I cannot use the GPS.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: GPS
Expert:  Andy replied 5 years ago.

Welcome to JustAnswer !! I am Andy and I will be glad to help you out with your issue today.

What is the exact error message that you get ? .... No detailed maps found .... Cant unlock maps ?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Can't unlock maps
Expert:  Andy replied 5 years ago.

Please keep the screen pressed using your finger when you see "No detailed maps found"
This message should go away in some time. And either there will be no message or there will be 'Cant unlock maps' message on screen.

Let me know

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I held pressure on screen for > 2 minutes. The can't unlock Maps message did not go away.
Expert:  Andy replied 5 years ago.

Thanks for the info. Please do this :

Retrieving your unlock codes:

  1. Log into your myGarmin account:
  2. Select myMaps.
  3. Select Manage Maps.
  4. Select the device from the drop down menu.
  5. The unlock code is located under the "Maps installed on this device" section.

Creating an unlock code file:

  1. Plug your Garmin device into the USB port.
  2. Double-Click on My Computer or Computer located on the desktop.
  3. Double-Click on the Garmin or nüvi drive.
  4. Double-Click on the Garmin folder.
  5. Right-Click in a blank space in this window.
  6. Move your mouse over the word New.
  7. Select Text Document.
  8. Press Enter / Return on your keyboard.
  9. Double-Click on the New Text Document. This will open the New Text Document in a window called Notepad.
  10. Type the unlock code that is listed in the Manage Maps section of your myGarmin account in all upper-case letters with no spaces before or after.
  11. Select File.
  12. Select Save As.
  13. Change the Save As Type to All Files.
  14. Type gmapprom.unl in all lower-case letters for the File name.
  15. Select Save.
  16. Close the Notepad window.
  17. Delete the New Text Document file.
  18. Disconnect the GPS device from your computer.

Enabling maps on the GPS device:

  1. Touch the wrench icon on the Where to/View map screen.
  2. Touch Settings.
  3. Touch Map.
  4. Touch Map Info.
  5. Select the checkbox next to the maps to be enabled on the device.

If problem persists, then you needs to send the unit for repair.

Please click here : LINK on instructions about how to send it for repair.

Andy and other GPS Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I needed your jump-start to get to the right place. I wound up loading 2013.10 (which was not available 2 days ago) instead of 2012.40, which I could not unblock. 2013.10 works fine. I have to believe that Garmin had a bug in my first download. Thanks for your help. It was worth the $30.