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My TomTom wont turn on. It wasnt used for quite a while.

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My TomTom won't turn on. It wasn't used for quite a while. I've plugged it in in my car, let it charge and then tried to turn it on, but nothing happens. What do I do now? Ken XXXXX XXXXX [email protected]

BEST-IT-Expert :

Hello! Well, from what you've described, the problem could either be a bad battery or a bad vehicle charger.

In order to narrow down which one, here's what to do...

Please try using your vehicle charger with your GPS in a different vehicle. If it powers on / charges in the other vehicle, then the problem is with the lighter plug in the first vehicle.

If it does not power on / charge in a different vehicle, then please try plugging it into your computer using the USB cable to allow it to charge there for approximately 4 hours...more is better though.

If it will not charge / power on on the USB cable after that, then that means the internal battery needs to be replaced.

If it *does* charge / power on on the USB cable, then that means your car charger needs to be replaced -or- the fuse should be checked (if equipped with a fuse...some car chargers don't have them).

The internal battery in most receivers usually fails after about 1-2 years so if your unit is about that age, I'd suspect the battery, especially since it hasn't been used in a while...sometimes, that will cause it to fail sooner than it should.

If it is under a year old, TomTom will replace the battery under warranty. If it is over a year old, they will replace it for a fee or I can help get the resources you need in order for you to swap it out yourself quite a bit cheaper. If you'd like to do that, please let me know the make and model of your GPS receiver and I will get the info you need for you.


Thanks. The car charger has been working with my cell phone, so I assume the problem is with the TomTom battery itself. I will try what you suggest, plugging into my computer using the USB cable and leave it plugged in overnight. If that works, good. If it doesn't the problem is undoubtedly the TomTom's battery itself. In that case, yes, I'd like information on how to handle that problem, as much as possible by myself, so please tell me about that. The GPS I have is: TOMTOM XL 340.S.

BEST-IT-Expert :

I will get the info you need and post it here shortly...

BEST-IT-Expert and other GPS Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I sent 2 replys via e-mail. If you didn't get them, let me know, and I'll paste them here.

Here is the info you need to replace your battery...


Video instructions...


Sources for replacement batteries...


That should be everything you need to change out your battery. If you have anymore questions, please let me know and I will try to help further ASAP.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
As indicated in my e-mail, I think I have now pinned the problem down to the TomTom's car-based charging cable, so I was wondering where I could replace it. Would a place like Radio Shack have one? Alternatively, are they universal, so that my phone's cable would be just as good?, all car chargers are not interchangeable. I would make sure to get one that is specifically for your TomTom. The reason for this is because some devices require voltages different than your TomTom, so if you use a device that would supply a higher voltage than your TomTom, it could damage it.


Your best bet would be somewhere like Best Buy...they should have the correct car charger for your TomTom. If not, then I can try to find online sources for the correct car charger for you.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks for the help. I assume you've been fully paid. To be cooperative, I did Accept an Answer while follow-up questions were pending, but what I intended,, as I hope you do as well, is that it was all one several-step inquiry with one fee.

Yes, that's fine...I appreciate that...followup questions about the initial question are fine, no worries at all...


Thanks again for the opportunity to help you with this...take care...

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks. I've never used this service before. Very impressive. Very helpful. Or, as sometimes said: what won't they think of next?
Thanks very much! I enjoy helping folks on here very much...:-) Take care...
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
As a follow-up, I'm now charging through my computer, and the green light is on on the TomTom. That light wasn't on, as I recall, when I was trying to charge the TomTom in the car. Since I can charge my phone in the car, my guess is the problem may well be with the TomTom's charging cable for the car. What do you think? And if that's the case, could I get a replacement cable at a place like Radio Shack?

Yes, that sounds correct...that was why I gave all those lengthy instructions for narrowing it down. :)


Radio Shack may have one that will work, but your best bet would probably be Best Buy, especially if you want to pick one up locally. I would make very sure that it says it is compatible with your model TomTom to be sure it won't harm it.


I tend to use for things like this though because they're usually cheaper than getting them locally...and you can get the item pretty quickly, if you have an amazon "prime" membership.


Glad that it is charging on your computer for you...just keep in mind it takes a very, very long time to charge it up that way. Also, make sure your computer is set not to "sleep" or "hibernate" as that will usually shut off power to the USB ports and it won't charge during that time.


Take care...

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Again, thanks so much for all the help. It's a terrific service, certainly very helpful to me in this situation.