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GM Bob
GM Bob, ASE Master Technician
Category: GMC
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Experience:  30 plus years experience as GM technician, ASE Master Technician and GM Certified
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I'm having some issues with a 2005 GMC envoy.. it

Customer Question

Hi - I'm having some issues with a 2005 GMC envoy.. it doesn't start some times, but other times it does.. it normally does it after I drive it, and park it for a short time.. it turns over, but won't fire..I had a dealership tell me that the fuse box (in the engine compt) had a short, which made sense because I also have a lot of issues w/ gauges, power windows, etc.. so I contacted justanswer, and you (GM Bob) helped me find the right fuse/relay box. I had a mechanic install it, and not only did it not fix the problem with it not starting, it started running worse, and would die at times.. the mechanic said it may need to have the computer reset, but a dealership had to do it.. I took it to the local dealership and they said that the computer didn't need reseting (even with a new fuse/relay block), because it wasn't showing any codes.. they cleaned the throttle body, and it is running better, but still won't start at times.. they said the only other thing they could think of is cleaning the injectors, which they want 150 for.. can you give any advice?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: GMC
Expert:  GM Bob replied 1 year ago.

Hello sorry you are still having a problem.

Does it idle slow or act like it wasn't to stall?

If so disconnect both battery cables and touch them together.

This will reset the idle.

Let me know if this helps

Thank you

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Bob - yes, from what my sister says, it just started running rough after the put the new fuse block in..stalling when pulling up to red lights, etc.. it wasn't doing that before (only the issue with it not starting when warm) -which is strange to me, unless something in the 'logic' had to be reset.. especially since we are dealing with relays? so even though it is running a bit better after cleaning the throttle body (which I can't see the connection between how it acted just after the fuse box was changed), it still has the issue with not starting when it is warm.. that has to tell us something.. for example she will get in it in the morning, it will start.. then go somewhere for a short time, then it won't start. she has to let it sit for a long period (overnight) before it will start again.. so the temperature must be playing a role?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Bob - just spoke to my sister, and she said that also, the dash lights come on and go off sometimes when driving, and the power windows.. and locks act strange at times.. locking/unlocking on their own.. I had a 99 vette that was doing that sort of thing (power seat button would make the steering wheel go in and out), and they changed one of the computers, and it fixed it.. do you think it could be that? and if so, what part would it be? and about how much?Thanks!
Expert:  GM Bob replied 1 year ago.

I need to do some research.

I'm out to lunch with my wife.

I will get back with you tonight.

Thank you

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
No problem! enjoy your day.. aside from any other advice, I guess I'd just need to know if this sounds like an ECU issue, and if you think it would help, what the part number would be, etc..
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
just FYI here is the VIN again.. 1GKDS13SX52131273
Expert:  GM Bob replied 1 year ago.

Any time you disconnect the battery on this model you need to reset the system.

Like I said earlier.

I would also check all your battery connections for the lights and locks. At battery and fuse block also grounds on the engine and frame

I have seen the body control module act up with bad battery connection.