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2005 GMC Savana van 2500 with 4.8 liter motor VIN #

Customer Question

2005 GMC Savana van 2500 with 4.8 liter motor
VIN # ***** 116,000 miles
I have a service van with 2 doors in the back and 2 on the side, motor oil and coolant levels are fine and the oil was changed 2 weeks ago. The problem started last Friday the 16th, in the morning after a couple of calls I tried to start the van and it wouldn’t, it just turned over and made a funny ping like the timing was really off or something bad was happening inside the engine. I waited a second and thought that was strange. Then I turned the key again and it started normally and I drove off. Took 2 or 3 other calls then got something to eat. When I came out of the restaurant and tried to start the van it did the same thing. I tried again and the motor would not turn completely over (at least that’s what is seemed like it was doing 4 or 5 times), then it tries to start and makes a loud ping and shakes a lot when I turn the key the 6th time. If I continue to turn the key and let go it the engine won’t rotate much and sort of bounces back. Then, after several tries, it will turn over again and shakes a lot while it misfires like it’s badly out of time then stops with a ping noise coming from inside the engine again. Figured something is bad- wrong. Had it towed and the tow truck driver checked the battery and it had 650 cold cranking amps. I recently changed the starter and since it was under warranty I swapped it out again. No change. Talked to someone I know that works on engines and he said sounds like a timing chain, valve or lifter problem, etc. So I took the spark plugs out and turned the motor over and over with the fuel pump fuse pulled and the power ignition coil packs unplugged. The motor spins and spins, everything sounds great and no pings. No OBD codes either. Put the plugs back in and hooked everything back up and tried to start it again. I doesn’t run and does the same thing. Took it apart again and removed the plugs. Pulled the valve covers and turned the motor over and over, watching the springs, rockers and stuff. Everything looks good and it spins fine. Nothing looks bent. Put in the spark plugs one by one and it’s still spinning great so it wasn’t the plugs either. The problem only happens when I connect the power packs and replace the fuse to the fuel pump. Is there a sensor that would not register with the OBD or something that can cause this problem? Thanks Vance
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: GMC
Expert:  Gary replied 1 year ago.

I am sorry for the long wait

are there any codes set int he computer history or current ?