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Toolhut, ASE Certified Technician
Category: GMC
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Experience:  Owner of a mobile diagnostics company assisting auto technicians with difficult vehicles
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Took off my crankshaft position sensor to replace now my

Customer Question

took off my crankshaft position sensor to replace now my 1997 gmc 5.7 won't start with the new one or old one
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: GMC
Expert:  Jerry replied 2 years ago.

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Do you hear the fuel pump come on for 2 seconds when the key is first turned on?


Does the engine turn over?


Do you know what the fuel pressure is?


Have you checked for spark at the plugs?


Does the engine have good compression?


Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The fuel pressure is 52-53 while being cranked. The engine has good compression . What happened one day I was checking my tdc and distributor position to the rotor. I had disconnected the wire harness to the distributor and put back the dis. Cap and plug wires but forgot to put back the wire harness to the distributor and started the truck and drove about 20 miles and check engine light came on. I checked codes and read a crankshaft position code and a oxygen sensor code , so I put new ones on but cleared the codes before I tried to start truck and when I tried to start it wouldn't start. Then I found I had been driving with the harness to distributor being disconnected. I connected the harness still wouldn't start . I do not have spark to the coil so I put a new coil on ..I put a new crank shaft position sensor on... I put a new on board computer on Still no spark
Expert:  Toolhut replied 2 years ago.

Hi, My Name is***** have over 20 years experience repairing vehicles. I am a ASE Certified Master Auto Technician. I am confident we can resolve your problem together.Please remember I don't know your skill level. I can't see, smell, hear, or touch the vehicle. It may take a few back and forth replies to get to a satisfactory resolution.I also try to give all of the information you may need expecting a positive rating. If there is any reason I cannot get a positive rating please let me know.

Do you have access to a scanner? I would like to see if you have RPM on scanner while cranking.