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Hal, ASE /GM Master Tech
Category: GMC
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Experience:  31 yrs dealership technician.
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Hal; Here's the info:2007 Yukon XL Denali159,000 milesProblem

Customer Question

Hi Hal; Here's the info:
2007 Yukon XL Denali
159,000 miles
"Service Stabilitrack", "Service Traction Control", Engine light, "Service Tire Inflation System", "Park Assist ON/Off" - These lights come on and go off at seemingly random. At times, trans shifts rough, at times car runs a little rough. Has never gone to "Operating at Reduced Power".
New Throttle Body
New Water Pump
New Shocks
New Cam Position Sensor
New Cam Adjuster
Lights re-appeared within 24hrs
All repairs done one after another... as in "well that didn't work, let's try this..."
Last work done was cam adjuster(?). All lights came back on within 10 miles. Tec showed me print out after last work was done, indicated no codes. Today (24 hrs later) shows "Generic Codes = P0011 Intake (A) Cam Shaft Position Timing".
"OEM Codes = None found"
Any suggestions?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: GMC
Expert:  Hal replied 2 years ago.
Any powertrain DTC's that set will disable Traction control/stabilitrac and turn the lamps on. P0011 is can be caused by an open or high resistance in the low reference circuit of the camshaft actuator circuits The criteria for setting this code is as follows
•The ECM detects resistance greater than 2 ohms on the low reference circuit.
•The ECM detects that the CMP Angle position is more than 8 degrees difference than the Desired CMP position
sensor. The criteria for setting this code is as follows: I would be looking for a break in the wires from the cam actuator low reference wire from the sensor to the ECM.
Here is diagnostic checks for this code.
1.IMPORTANT: Incorrect engine oil viscosity, aftermarket engine oil additives, or engine oil that overdue for changing, can greatly affect the performance of the camshaft actuator.
Ignition OFF, disconnect C112.
2.Test for less than 1 ohm of resistance between the low reference circuit ECM side, terminal E and ground.
•If greater than 1 ohm , test the low reference circuit for an open/high resistance. If the circuit tests normal, replace the ECM.
3.Remove the water pump from the engine.
4.Inspect and test the remaining wire harness from C112 to the CMP solenoid for an open/high resistance, or a short to ground.
•If the circuit tests normal, perform the component testing for the CMP actuator solenoid.
•If the CMP solenoid and the circuit test normal, then refer to Camshaft Position Actuator Magnet Cleaning and Inspection and Camshaft Position Actuator Solenoid Valve Inspection
Low reference wire of the cam actuator solenoid is a tan wire. It goes to Pin 52 at the ECM in connector C2.

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