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GMC Sierra 1500 Classic SLT: My 2001 GMC Sierra 4x4 is binding

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My 2001 GMC Sierra 4x4 is binding during sharp turns and the wheels seem to be leaning more than usual also when turning. I have done several things to try to remedy this problem. I have replaced the cv joints, had a new steering box installed and a new power steering pump installed. What else could it be causing this problem? I have also had several front end alignments.

If you were to jack up the front end by the frame and allow the suspension and steering to hang free, will it then bind when turning the steering wheel left and right both with the engine running and not?

You said the wheels appear to be leaning more when turning. Leaning how? Left to right such as toe-out-on-turn or from top to botXXXXX XXXXXke camber or steering axis inclination?

Was the front end in an accident? Were the toe-out-on-turn and steering axis inclination angles checked when checking the alignment? Although these angles cannot be adjusted they can be used to check for bent parts, such as a bent steering arm affecting toe-out-on-turn or the spindle affecting the steering axis inclination.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The wheels lean from top to bottom. Whichever the direction of the turn, seems to be the direction of the lean. If you turn to the left, the driver side and passenger side wheel lean to the left and vice versa if turning right. To my knowledge, the truck was not in an accident. I don't know if the toe-out-on-turn and the other were checked. When it was done, I was just told it was okay.

Ok, what about the binding?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Just during the sharp turns. It acts like it's in 4wd but it's not. I checked and replaced the accuator and jacked up the vehicle and tested. Worked fine. It also slides on wet sealed pavement and grabs on regular pavement.

It sounds to me as though the toe-out-on-turn should be checked, cause in my opinion, it may be off indicating something is bent.

Take it back and have them get both the toe-out-on-turn and steering axis inclination readings checked. They should have what the readings should be in the book in the shop that usually comes with the front end machine.

Then let me know what they are.

Toe can affect camber if it's way off and a bent steering arm could be throwing off the angles.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I will try this. I was also told that it could be the control arm bushings. Is this possible? They did not look damaged when I checked out.

It could be but they were supposed to be checked before an alignment was done. Every mechanic knows you cannot perform an alignment when there are parts worn, that is the first thing checked.
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Also, make sure the front ride heights isn't actually leaning, cause I just read a tsb about that.