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Gm Tech (Cam)
Gm Tech (Cam), GMC Mechanic
Category: GMC
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Experience:  GM Grand Master Technician 2007. 14 year experience.
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GMC Sierra 1500: 2009 Sierra 5.3L has Service Stabilitrak &

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2009 Sierra 5.3L has Service Stabilitrak & Service Traction Control lights on and truck not getting up to full speed. What is the problem & is it OK to continue driving? Currently stranded on highway on Thanksgiving in northern MI

Gm Tech (Cam) :

Hello, I'm Cam. Please include all the details about your issue so I can accurately advise you. I cannot see your vehicle so please be detailed.CAn you find the stability disable button?

Customer: I'm relaying message for sister stranded on road with no Internet. Not sure if she can find this button.
Customer: She has tried pushing traction control button
Gm Tech (Cam) :

OK, then is the /ABS light on as well?

Customer: Top speed is 45 mph
Customer: No
Gm Tech (Cam) :

OK, so the system thinks there is a slipping wheel. Unplug one of the front wheel speed sensors and see if you can disable that and get full speed again.

Customer: Previously a spark plug light was on. Dealership checked & said it was electronic glitch & they couldn't get it to turn off. That was last week.
Gm Tech (Cam) :

Ok, try the plug for a sensor now and see if the makes the ABS come on and disable that.

Customer: She is driving now at 45 mph. Will arrive here in 45 min. Will try this here rather than on the road. Thank you.
Gm Tech (Cam) :

Ok, if it does work, and know that the ABS light will come on, then it needs repairs to the traction system or one of the sensors.

Customer: Ok. Thanks. Happy Thanksgiving.
Gm Tech (Cam) :

You as well.

Gm Tech (Cam) :

Bookmark this page so you can easily navigate back to it, and so you know, you can reply at any time for follow up information regarding this issue, even after you accept my answer and I will reply. Please don't forget to click accept at some time as that is my only means of compensation for assisting you.

Customer: Will do!
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