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I HAVE AN : Opel Omega 2002 v6 3.2L my story is long i

Customer Question

HI ***** : Opel Omega 2002 v6 3.2L
my story is long i hope you can bare with me
1-HERE IS THE SITUATION BEFORE THE IPROBLEM HAPPENED:the car had an issue of starting at mornings or when left not running for hours after couple of tries it fires up
few weeks ago while driving it started rumbling (vibrating) and engine light started flashing when stopped at traffic light it died
then tried to start it up and it did fire up and had the engine light on rev reaches 4k maximum and there is hesitation
same thing happened at the next two traffic lights the last one it never fired up until today2-AFTER THE PROBLEM HAPPENED:
when i got to the mechanic. they said it was the fuel pump as it wasn't feeding the engine when replaced there was a feed but still the car doesn't fire up . now tried to diagnose it and they had many fault code error all fixed but the one that still not going is camshaft position sensor missing (sorry i don't remember the code) if needed i will provide it3- SOLUTIONS AND DIAGNOSES THEY DID:1-as mentioned before there was no fuel getting to the engine
solution was fuel pump replaced result there is fuel
2-the mechanic did some testing with multi-meter and there was no voltage coming to the camshaft sensor or crankshaft sensor solution ECU+KEY CHIP+IGNITION MODUAL replaced .result there is feed to the camshaft sensor and crankshaft sensor
3-due the error code i got i replaced the camshaft sensor and crankshaft sensor (with this and the new ECU all injectors now spray fuel) (with the old ECU none out of the 6 injectors where spraying fuel )
4-did complete check on the wiring or harness from the ECU to the crankshaft sensor and camshaft there was no short or open circuit
5-with multimeter the voltage feed i get on the camshaft and crankshaft sensor plug coming from the ECU is 2.4V
6-tried different coils .
7-spark plugs are new yet (they said they found water inside the left side of spark plug place) but they did take it out and spark plugs were still fine (although it's wired i didn't wash the engine but anyways )4- FINAL RESULTS AND CONCLUSION
with all these replacement of parts the engine is still not firing up and the same fault error is coming (camshaft sensor is missing)
NOTE : when disconnecting the battery for a while and reset the car the engine is has rev and almost firing up but it just gives up sometimes backfires after a while
after that it's just rev with no sign of firing at all there is air withdrawn you can see the everything turningthe electrician said that everything related to electricity is fine (except relays and fuses am not sure he checked them and don't know which is which and what to look for)MY QUESTION :
what should i do or look for . how to fix the problem could it be electrical or mechanical issue
i am really sorry for making it too long but i know that these things are needed information am no mechanic but i got so experience with time xD PLEASE AM DISPARATE FOR A SOLUTION I WOULD TIP FARLEY IF YOU HELPED ME THANKS IN ADVANCE
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: GM
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 1 year ago.
Hi my name is Dan> I will be glad to help. wit the new ECU, Cam/crank sensors, and harness verified no shorts or opens then the only thing that could be is the sensor is not reading the cam and crank positions from a potential internal mechanical problem causing the sensor not to read. Another potential problem is a failed timing belt throwing the timing off to the ECU. Check for both and let me know