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2007 GMC: acadia..power as does the turn signal lights..blown fuse

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I have a 2007 GMC acadia and I just lost all sound on the vehicle including the turn signal, tick tick tick,,,but the radio has power as does the turn signal lights. Could this be a blown fuse and any idea of which fuse ?
My name is Dan,

The chime and the turn signals go through the radio. So if the radio is not working, Than the chime or turn signals will not work.
The problem could be either the radio or the amplifier. If the radio is powering up, then the fuse would be good. Not all models of these vehicles have an amp lifer, Look on the option sticker in the glove box to see if there is a UQS , UQA or a UQG. If you have one of those option codes, You have an amplifier that could also cause this issue. If not, the radio would be at fault and need to be replaced. If it has an amp lifer, It could be either the amp or the radio.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I do have an amplifier as it's a Bose system. I was able to access the passenger side fuse panel and checked the 30 AMP - amplifier fuse. It was O.K.,,,,I removed the glove box and checked connections on the top side of the impossinle to access fuse block, nothing "seemed" loose, and after powering back up,,,Whallla! the amp worked,,once again.


Hmmmm??? Now,,,my powered lift gate does not work....Does this power also come from the same passenger side fuse box / relay control area? Could this be another loos connection? Can this small panel be dropped down so I can go through all the connection (easily), before something else stops working ? Please advise....Thanks! Wayne

Yea one of the power comes from that fuse box and the same connector as the amp. That fuse box is in a BAD place. I agree. I have also seen water leak on that fuse box and cause weird things to happen also. check for any corrosion up around that fuse box or any sings of water.
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