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GM Tech (Cam)
GM Tech (Cam), GMC Mechanic
Category: GM
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Experience:  GM Grand Master Technician 2007. 14 years experience.
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GMC Yukon SLT 2007 GMC Yukon. Check engine/service stabilitrak/engine

Customer Question

2007 GMC Yukon. Check engine/service stabilitrak/engine power reduced light comes on, engine power is then reduced. I have to shut car off open drivers door to turn off electronics then restart. Engine light will stay on. GMC dealer says to replace throttle body $600. I am not sure any thoughts?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: GM
Expert:  GM Tech (Cam) replied 6 years ago.

Welcome, and thanks for using Just Answer. I am Cam, and I will do my best to assist you. When you are finished please click on accept only if you are satisfied. I don't get pagid unless you do.Please do not accept if you cannot leave positive feedback. I don't know if you are a tech or a just working on your own vehicle so we may have to fine tune the answer. I only know as much about your problem as you have told me in your post, so my answers will be based on what you tell me so please add all the details you can. About your vehicle,



What codes are set and what is your mileage?


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I have 75,000 miles on the car. I am the original owner. I just left the dealer and they are ordering a new throttle body. I am not a tech. I will be driving in any kind of weather and my dash light comes on and says Service Traction Control then Service Stabilitrak then Engine is reducing power and it does. I have to shut the car off to reset. The tech just cleaned the Throttle body and took it for a test spin and it did it to him. I have searched the web others have had this problem. On your sight complaint 10297835 had the same problem any reference available to you?
Expert:  GM Tech (Cam) replied 6 years ago.

I do not see our complaints by numbers. However, at that mileage, you should be under the powertrain warranty that is good for 5 years and 100000 miles.

Did they not suggest this to you?



As for the issue, it is common for these to fail.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thats to bad you should be able to reference complaint numbers. My service man said it did not fall under the powertrain warranty. Is that wrong? Also have you seen this problem before or have you heard of it. I have seen complaints online for it, but no answers to this point. Wheel sensors have been talked about but then dismissed.
Expert:  GM Tech (Cam) replied 6 years ago.

Strange. Oh well, it is common for this to happen and I have replaced a few after the diagnosis has lead to it.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Cam, Do you think the throttle body should be covered on the powertrain warranty? Also not sure if this is the right fix. Any other thoughts of what might be causing this?

Is it your opinion that it is the Throttle bdoy?

Expert:  GM Tech (Cam) replied 6 years ago.

If the possibility of the warranty has been explored and they said no then OK, not everything is covered.

As for it being the throttle body, do you have the codes?

Did they try updating the calibrations first?


Customer: replied 6 years ago.



THey did download something and the interesting thing is it is not throwing codes except for the dash board messeges. If you have no other suggestions I rally gained nothing new on this site. I am waiting for a call back from the dealership. I may not respond until I hear again about the codes and warranty.

Expert:  GM Tech (Cam) replied 6 years ago.
Without codes, I cannot say for sure it is the issue with your vehicle. I can say as I did before that I have replaced the throttle body for the same issues, but i had codes to work with.

Not everything is covered under the power train warranty and I cannot tell for sure if it is, but the dealer does not really gain anything by telling you it is not when it may be.
If you want to be sure, call1(NNN) NNN-NNNNand ask them.