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2000 GMC Sierra 1500: rear end vibration noise..grinding..rebuilt

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I have a 2000 GMC Sierra 1500 with rear end vibration noise. Sort've grinding and more prevalent during deceleration. Rear end was rebuilt 4500 miles ago. I towed about 10k lbs across the country. So bringing it back to mechanic who did the install is out of the question. With the rear elevated I ran the vehicle in drive, so the grinding noise has been isolated to the rear end. When I grasp the tire while elevated and shake side to side the axel appears to have about a 1/4" of play on the inside end. Both axels have this play. Question: Is there a bearing that can be the cause of the problem and can it be changed without risking spider gear problems, etc.? I have the schematics of the rear but only with numerical order numbers not part numbers or names.

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The problem is most likely in one of the bearings in the rear end. There are bearings on the pinion (part that connects to the driveshaft) and there are bearings on the carrier (inside the housing, holds the ring gear). To properly repair this problem, it is best to completely disassemble the rear end and inspect all of these bearings, replacing those that are bad. It takes special tools to properly service these bearings and to set up the gear mesh when reassembling the rear axle. Therefore it is best done by a professional.

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