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2010 camaro: Think im having problems with the AFM system

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Think im having problems with the AFM system on my 2010 camaro is there any way to turn it off to check.
Hello and welcome. no way to turn the system off. the afm system is controlled by software that is programmed into the system. also this vehicle requires GDS electronic test equipment to diag and test. scan tools wont work on this vehicle. what kind of problems are you having?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
whin drivind the eng starts to lug like a manual shift that needs to be down shifted and then i hear and feel a smal surge and the noise and the eng seems fine you can also here it through the exaust just put a cat back system on it should i take it off befor going to the dealer it was doing this even with the factory ex o and the right muffler had water in it dont know if the maters of not weep hole cloged.
ok, i know there is updated software for the afm system to correct some issues with the way it runs. also have seen a few of these with some water intrusion in the transmission. the early built camaros had a trans vent mounted on the left cylinder head letting some water drip into the transmission. this was corrected in the recent built cars. your dealer will be your best option. they will be able to help you on this problem
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
should i remove the cat back exaust and re install the OEM exaust
that would be a good idea for two reasons, you don't want the dealer to use the exhaust as a reason to say this is problem the aftermarket exhaust system. also it may be the fact the exhaust system is changing the system flow and causing some software issues. this vehicle is rather unique in the fact it has what is called GDS. Global diag system. it is rather new technology. requires a laptop and special software just to monitor the system. and to be real honest it is new to us. just finished my classes on it last week.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
congrats and thanks for the help.

Thanks and you are very welcome!!!


Thanks for using JA!!

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