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1997 chevy s10: cylinder..#4 misfire, bank 1 AND 2 lean..fuel pressure

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1997 chevy s10, cylinder #4 misfire, bank 1 AND 2 lean. did fuel pressure test (47 lbs), wires and plugs. most likely ideas?

Fuel pressure is low replace the filter and check again. The only other possible problem is a intake gasket which could cause both banks to be lean. If it was only the bank that cylinder #4 is on I'd thing a clogged injector.


Fuel Pressure
Pressure 1 (PSI) Pressure 2 (PSI) Pressure 3 (PSI)
Range Note Range Note Range Note
60.0 - 66.0 Y131 50.0 - 63.0 Y132 66.0 Y133
Y131: System pressure with ignition on (PSI).
Y132: System pressure while idling (PSI).
Y133: Fuel pump pressure (PSI) with return line briefly restricted.

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