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t100: po735, dropped pan, fluid clean with no metal, slips in 5th gear

Customer Question

I have a T1000 Allison Transmission code PO735, dropped pan, fluid clean with no metal, slips in 5th gear.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: GM
Expert:  Danny replied 7 years ago.

Just from the hip I think you are looking at a input or output speed sensor. of course you know diagnosics will have to be done with a scan tool. I have included a pdf of this test procedure. If it refers you to a different dtc test let me know I will get it for you.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
We changed the input output speed sensor and it did not help.
Expert:  Danny replied 7 years ago.
Oh I didn't see where you included that info. sorry. Ok your next step is to test the ignition voltage with a scan tool. should range from 9 to 18 volts. Also I want you to know that just a small knick in the wiring harness that touches metal can compromise your sensors readings to your tcm. If your voiltage is not within range we will go to the other dtc test procedure.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
After this is inspected, what is the next step?
Expert:  Danny replied 7 years ago.
Our test would depend or your findings. if the voltage is high would would go to dtc test for high voltage. If voltage is low we would go to test the dtc for low voltage. if it is within range we would go to testing that would engine turbine and output speed readings.
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Expert:  Danny replied 7 years ago.
Basically its wanting to know if your battery or altenator is bad or low. but also your altenator could be chargeing to high. Allisons are sensitive to voltage.