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Scott, GMC Technician
Category: GM
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Experience:  16 years GMC technician, 25 years Gm Mater certified, 25 years ASE certified
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How do you replace rear axle bearings 2001 gmc yukon xl

Customer Question

How do you replace rear axle bearings 2001 gmc yukon xl?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: GM
Expert:  Scott replied 7 years ago.
You will need ot pull the wheels, calipers, rotors, caliper brakets, Rear cover, cross pin bolt, and cross pin. At this point you will need to push in on the axle hub to release the c clip from the axle, in the center of the carrier. You can now pull axle out. The seal and bearing are just pressed into the housing. You can remove the seal with a seal remover or pry bar. The bearing has to be pulled out with a slide hammer and jaw attachment. The new bearing will need to be driven in with a driver followed by the new seal. Inspect the bearing surface on the axle for wear and pitting. Usaully if an axle bearing goes out, the axle is junk to. Before you actually tear this apart, I reccommend that you raise the rear wheels off the ground with jack stands and with the wheels moving, listen to the different areas of the housing where the bearings sit with a stethiscope to locate which bearing is actually making the noise. It is more common for the pinion and carrier bearings to go out than the axle bearings.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Can I use a hydraulic press with yoke set to hold the bearing while I press the axels out and then back in? Or do I ned some specialized puller?

I assume the bearings are tapered?

Is there an inner and outer race? Or do the bearing roll on the surface of the axel?

If the pinion bearing is toast, how feasible is it to just replace all the bearings? What about the gears? Who has the backlash clearances?

Like I said, I'm good with my hands and have a pretty good shop set up. I just need the info in hand before I start--especially on a Saturday.
Expert:  Scott replied 7 years ago.
The bearing is in the housing, not on the axle. Once the c clip is removed the axle will just slide out. The bearing rides on the axle surface, this is why when a bearing fails it takes out the axle too. If the pinion bearings are out, you will need the pinion bearings, pinion seal, crush sleeve, and I would recommend replacing the carrier bearings as well while you are already that far. If you have to take the carrier out, pay attention to the side bearing shims and kep them in order as to which side they came out of. Back lash needs to be at .010-.011th in. Puller you need to remove the axle bearings is a slide hammer with a 2 or 3 jaw bearing puller attachment. Pinion bearing races can be driven out with a long punch, but require a race driver to be installed. Carrier side bearings require a special 2 jaw puller to be removed. They can be preseed back on or driven on with a punch.