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How do i replace the Blend door actuator on a GMC 1500 truck.

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How do i replace the Blend door actuator on a GMC 1500 truck. I have been told that there are two actuators, one costing significantly more than the other. My problem it that the temp selector only produces hot air, I was runing the heat and then tried to turn it back to cold but is seems to have goten stock in the hot position.

Welcome. The temp door actuator is on the bottom of the heater case. to get at it you need to remove the hush panel under the right side of the dash and find the actuator above the center hump just right of center. Then you remove the connector and the 2 screws to remove it.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I was told that there are two Door Actuators how can I tell what one is bad, and are they both located in the same place and can they both be accessed the same way? Is there any tricks to the install process? Do they need to be set in any special position?
Does your truck have separate controls for left and right side? If not, and the heat is the only part failing, then the actuator I described is the one for the temperature control, not the modes.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

My truck does not have seperate controls, i am trying to purchase the part do you know the part number or if this would be considered the botton or upper, i was advised that the bottom runs aprox 120 / vs the uper at 250? Also the heat is working it just did not seem to want to go back to cold when i changed the temp selector?



The number I come up with is 15126603.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Can you tell me if both parts are located in the same place, are there any special requerments for the install, did my disription of the failure make sense and does it still lead you to the same item / part?


There is only one actuator in that area.

As for the issue, It seems to fit the common failure of that item.

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