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Yukon: When I press on my brakes going downhill, it feels like shakes.

Resolved Question:

I have a Yukon 2007. When I press on my brakes going downhill, it feels like shakes. I have never had problems with brakes on this age of a car. Are there any known defects on brakes for a 2007 Yukon?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: GM
Expert:  MPMoore replied 7 years ago.
How many miles on the truck??
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Expert:  MPMoore replied 7 years ago.
Thats not alot of milage on the brakes for this truck, but its no longer under warranty. This is not real common on the yukon and this is not normal. You have a rotor or rotors that are warped/out of round. It may pulstae a little bit during normal braking but get worse when going down hill. This is due to the brakes getting hot, the puslation will get worse.

GM has a bulletin for a concern that may be the issue that caused this.

#PIT4611: Front Brake Pad Spring Clip Design Change - keywords appearance drag heat hot noise pedal premature pulsation repeat rotor scoring vibration wear - (Mar 26, 2008)
Subject:Front Brake Pad Spring Clip Design Change
Models:2007-2008 Cadillac Escalade, Escalade ESV, Escalade EXT
2007-2008 Chevrolet Avalanche, Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe
2005-2007 Chevrolet Silverado Classic with RPO JF3 or JF7
2007-2008 GMC Sierra, Yukon, Yukon Denali, Yukon XL, Yukon Denali XL
2005-2007 GMC Sierra Classic with RPO JF3 or JF7
1500 Models Only

The following diagnosis might be helpful if the vehicle exhibits the symptom(s) described in this PI.


During mid production of the 2008 model year a design change was made to the front brake pads, pad spring clips, and caliper brackets. This new spring clip is designed to pull the pad off the rotor slightly more than the original design. This helps to reduce front brake noise, rotor pulsation, and helps to prevent metal transfer between the pad and rotor (scoring). The pictures below show the differences between the 2nd and 1st designs. When servicing a 2008 model, ensure the correct parts are used. It is not recommended to install the new/updated parts on a vehicle built with the original design parts due to future servicability concerns.




You may want to take the bulletin number which is pit4611 and have them inspect the brakes for this issue. The only way to get rid of the pulstaion is to machine the rotors.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Approximately, how much does this cost? Why would this happen? I would think they would offer to correct this since they did for the newer models. I appreciate your help.
Expert:  MPMoore replied 7 years ago.
Again since you are out of warranty, they may not help you. You can ask them to repair this under a "goodwill" warranty. GM gives most dealerships the power to perform warranty repairs out side of the normal time and milage. This would be up to the service manager to decide. If you are a real good customer, you stand a better chance. If they refuse, you can try calling 1-800-gmc-truck, this is the customer assitance help line. Ask them for help, they may help you. They will contact the local dear rep for your area and he can make the descision.
The cost to you should be around $200 if they do not replace the pads, about $150 more if they do. They also have a updated part for the front brake pads to help reduce brake noise, make sureif they replace the pads, they use the new number. The dealer whould have to check the part number to find the new pads. Just ask them to make sure they use the new number for the pads.