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why does my fuel pump stay on after i shut the key off

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why does my fuel pump stay on after i shut the key off


You may be correct.
You could unplug the Oil Pressure Switch, which is located next to the Oil Filter, & see if that stops it
Also, the Fuel Pump Relay may be bad. It is located on the Driver side Firewall, under the hood






Customer: replied 8 years ago.

i changed both of the relays on the fire wall and it still runs also i looked at a wiring diagram and actually whats running is the purger with is the pump so to speak but having said that i did have speculation that it could be the oil pressure relay and i unplugd it and to my dismay it still ran could it b the fuel filter plugd and the sensor by the throttle body having it run to build pressure and the filter is plugd enough that its not leting it build enough? or ignition switch cause this morning my battery was dead and it will run for bout five mins sometimes and sometimes it wont stop at all till i cycle the key a few time and then i have to wait to see if it will stop but i noticed it starts running again after awhile sitn. any ideas?


If you have the Oil Sensor Unplugged & changed the Relays, it sounds like the ECM or a short, as the ECM supplies a signal for the Relay to turn Pump On





Customer: replied 8 years ago.
k i orderd a ecm and if that dont solve it its gotta b a short the ecm is behind the glove box right do u have a scematic of its location?


Should be under Glove Box
See if this helps


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