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How do I remove/replace the transfer case on a Duramax 2500 2002.

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How do I remove/replace the transfer case on a Duramax 2500 2002.

Hello and welcome to Just Answer!


Here is the procedure for replacing the transfercase. Make sure you have a new t/case to transmission adapter gasket.


  1. Remove the transfer case shield
  2. Drain the transfer case of fluid
  3. Remove the front propeller shaft
  4. Remove the rear propeller shaft
  5. Remove the transmission shift control cable from the transfer case
  6. Remove the transfer case speed sensor electrical connector
  7. Remove the motor/encoder electrical connector
  8. Remove the transfer case vent hose
  9. Support the transmission with a suitable transmission jack stand
  10. Remove the transmission mount retaining nuts
  11. Raise the transmission high enough in order to remove the transmission mount
  12. Remove the transmission support mounting bolts (cross member)
  13. Remove the transmission support from the frame
  14. Support the transfer case with a suitable jack stand
  15. Remove the transmission mount bolts
  16. Remove the transmission mount from the adapter
  17. Remove the retaining nuts for the transfer case adapter
  18. Important: The following service procedure must be performed with the assistance from another technician.

  19. Slide the transfer case straight back toward the rear of the vehicle
  20. Rotate the transfer case so that the front output shaft is above the torsion bar bracket
  21. Rotate the transfer case (with the input shaft slightly lowered) so that the transfer case is parallel to the torsion bar bracket
  22. Lower the transfer case

To reinstall the t/case, perform above procedure in reverse. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you!

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