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Gmc sonoma: spark plug wires..I cant even see the coils..trick

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How do you remove the spark plug wires on a gmc sonoma 00? I can't even see the coils. Is there a trick to this?
which engine do you have in your Sonoma?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Oops, sorry it is the 2.2 L Flex fuel motor.
I assume you are having trouble getting to the spark plug wires, where they attach to the ignition coils, correct?
   As far as I recall this is a distributorless ignition system, with the coils mounted on the back side of the engine towards the firewall?
Please bear with me here, I ahven't seen one of these engines for several years; most of these trucks had the 6 cylinder.   I'm working from memory, as mys ervice information is at work and i am working from home tonight.
   Can you describe a little about what kind of difficulty you are having with removing the wires?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I am having trouble grabbing them from the coil pack side; I can even see where they are. it appears they are under the intake manifold behind the alternator.
Yes, I remember these now...   these engines ARE a real pain in the neck to get to the coils on.   Even more fun is changing the ignition module!

   There really is nos ecret trick to changing the wires; all it takes is a great deal of aptience and a few scrapes.
   If you lie on top of the engine (a couple of folded blankets makes this more comfortable), you can with a little experimentation get your right arm down in behind the engine from the top, and get your hand onto the coils; you will be able to feel where the wires plug onto the coils.
   Before beginning to change the wires themselves, use a small screwdriver to unsnap any of the plastic wire loom clips that hold teh wires in position.    Then, reach in behind teh engine and unplug one wire; it is best to start at one end of the coils and work across so that you dont get confused as to which wire needs to be done next.    When you have one wire unplugged, pull it up and out, and unplug that 1 wire from it's spark plug.   Then, match the length to one of the new wires, and feed it down into the space that you pulled the old wire out of; going by feel, press it onto it's coil terminal.   Then, move to the next.   Doing it this way you don't actually need to see the wires to change them.    It is a difficult engine to service the plug wires on.

   If you remove one of the front wheels, you may be able to look in through the wheel well to see the back of the engine with a flashlight if you want to get a look at how things are connected back there, but Iwas never able to reach them from the back; I always did these from the top.
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